We assist young women and men with their number one health need—reproductive health care and birth control. Our staff are experts in making the client feel welcome and comfortable in discussing extremely personal issues. No one is ever judged or looked down upon. Examinations, testing, education and birth control methods are provided confidentially to all regardless of the individual’s ability to pay.


Wellness Examinations

At Family Health Services, all women are encouraged to have regular wellness examinations to ensure their reproductive health.


Birth Control

Different people need different methods of birth control. Find what’s right for you at Family Health Services.

STD and HIV Testing

Testing is easy. A urine sample for STD or simple finger-poke for HIV will have preliminary results within 15 minutes.

Pregnancy Testing and Service

Family Health Services offers medical examinations and education to make sure you stay healthy.


Dating Safety Tips

Dating safety and sexual assault can be a difficult topic to discuss. Let Family Health Services help make that process easier!



Family Health Services provides sexual health exams, birth control and pregnancy testing for teens.