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What You Need to Know

  • Family Health Services offers urine pregnancy testing to women of all ages. All FHSI services are private, low-cost and income-based. And no one will be turned away.
  • Urine testing is highly accurate when performed later than the first day of a missed period but within 8 weeks of the last period.
  • If the test is positive for pregnancy, our staff are trained in counseling you with every option available to you.
  • We provide the documentation needed to apply for Medicaid if you are pregnant.
  • Family Health Services does not offer Blood Serum Testing. Blood Serum testing can provide accurate testing results sooner than a urine pregnancy test.

Don’t Want To Get Pregnant?

We can help! Our locations offer free condoms and advice about birth control methods and what might work for you. Or you can click here for more information about Birth Control.

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