Over 40?


Family Health Services offers services to women ages 40 through 64 via the Every Woman Matters program. Women that income qualify are eligible for the following services at no cost to them:

  • Pelvic exam with a Pap test
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Teaching of breast self exam
  • Blood pressure check
  • Cholesterol check
  • Blood sugar (glucose) check
  • Mammogram

For more on this program that is funded by the State of Nebraska visit their website: Every Woman Matters



What is Every Woman Matters?

Every Woman Matters is a source of funding that helps to cover expenses related to your reproductive healthcare including annual exams, mammogram, blood work to screen for diabetes and cholesterol.

Am I eligible for Every Woman Matters?

If you are over 40 and uninsured, you must contact Every Woman Matters for eligibility. For more information, visit http://dhhs.ne.gov/Pages/Every-Woman-Matters.aspx or call 800-532-2227

Where can I go to get my mammogram done?

We will give you the paperwork so you can go to the imaging center of your choice.

Do I need an appointment?


Do I need an appointment?

Walk-in’s are never turned away however calling for an appointment will eliminate wait time.

I have had my tubes tied. Can I still get my annual exam at your clinic?


I don’t need birth control, but I need an annual exam. Can I get an annual exam at your office?