FHSI Outreach: Bringing Education To You!

FHSI Outreach

FHSI Outreach can present to your organization.  Presentations can be tailored to the audience and location.

Lifespan Education

Puberty: Social, Emotional, and Physical attributes


Discussing “what is” and what is not” consent for sexual activities.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Discussion regarding the signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of STIs

Birth Control Methods

Methods available to prevent and plan pregnancy

Askable Adults

Presentation for teachers, guardians, and youth group leaders on being accessible to youth when they have questions regarding sexual health and development.

We’re ready to help you educate your group or organization!

Get in touch here and let’s plan on how we are going to promote health education on reproductive and sexual health at your organization. Looking forward to talking with you soon.