Annual Examinations


At Family Health Services, all women are encouraged to have an annual examination to ensure their reproductive health.

Depending on your age and symptoms (if any), the exam could include:

    • Blood pressure check
    • Height and Weight
    • Hemoglobin (finger poke to test iron level in blood)
    • Clinical breast exam and teaching of breast self exam
    • Pelvic exam sometimes with a pap test
    • All necessary education

All women wanting a prescription for birth control or any woman age 21 and older should have an annual exam. For most women, this will include a pelvic examination. An additional lab test called a “pap test”, might also be ordered depending on your age and health.


When teens come for an exam, they will usually NOT receive a pelvic exam or pap test unless she is experiencing symptoms. The primary purpose of this exam is education. This exam usually includes basic height, weight, hemoglobin, urine, blood pressure checks, and breast exam.


    • Annual exams can be performed anytime during your cycle. Most women find that scheduling their exams mid-way during their cycle is most comfortable. Usually, we can get you in for your exam within 24-48 hours.
    • Insert nothing into the vagina for 24 hours before your test. Don’t have sex, use tampons, douche, or vaginal cream, foam, gel, or deodorants.